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Stuttgart, 24.08.2009


uk   Lower Bavaria, we come …   uk

 The summerbreak slowly bends to the end. The AvD Rallye Niederbayern (Rally Lower Bavaria) already on coming weekend (29th August 09) stands on the programme for the LPG powered Subaru. After the positive results on the last competitions the Tyczka Totalgaz Rallye Team and Wallenwein Rallye Sport are highly motivated and would like to be part in the top flight once again.

After a regular run on the starting places the organizers had to increase the field which was originally restricted to 80 participants. More than 100 participants sprinkled all expectations. Beside a run to the German Rally Series (Deutsche Rallye Serie – DRS) like already in the past this event counts also in this year to the Austrian Rally Challenge (ARC). With startnumber one the former Group N world champion Manfred Stohl opens the hunt on the wonderful stages around Außernzell in the middle of the bavarian forest. Sandro Wallenwein starts with his LPG powered Subaru in the class for alternative fuel which is, for first time in this season, good filled by five vehicles. Due to temporal reasons Pauli Zeitlhofer is not able to start with Sandro on this event so that Marcus Poschner will take the place beside him and show the right way. To the joy of many fans there is a reunion with Ellen Lohr and Jenny Gäbler who will line up in a Subaru Impreza N12 of the Swabian team Wallenwein Rallye Sport.

“I know the special-stages from 2006. At that time I had a lot of fun on this very fast stages with a Skoda WRC. If one liked to compare this rally to the roundtrack, it comes close to the characteristic of the world famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. It goes constantly uphill and downhill. Further we reach very high speeds. If you should lose concentration for one time, you find yourself fast off the tract. Unfortunately several pilots make this experience every year …” so Sandro Wallenwein to the peril of this event. “Olaf Dobberkau, Maik Stölzel (both Porsche 911) and Uwe Nittel (Fricker Mercedes) with their rear-drive vehicles will be hardly to beat on dry road conditions. On changeable weather conditions Manfred Stohl in the Subaru as well as Rainer Noller and Ulrich Kübler in their Mitsubishi’s will lead the field. With a constantly speeding driving we want finish the competition again within the top 10.”  if his appraisal is to the relative strengths. The event contains 13 specialstages with more than 140 kilometres on best time. The rally starts on Saturday morning 08.18 hrs on Außernzell’s main square, were the winner will roll on the ramp at the evening on 20:o4 hrs.

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Sandro Wallenwein startet im Gas-Subaru in Niederbayern