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Stuttgart, 09.06.2009

Thuringia gives “Gas”   uk

Already on the coming weekend (12th/13th of June) a big rally party rises in Pößneck. It’s probably for the last time that you can watch at the 48. DMV Thüringen Rallye the spectacular World Rally Cars in Germany. As to Group B – times these vehicles are removed next year. Part of this rally is also the present vice-champion of the German Rally Championship (Deutsche Rallyemeisterschaft). Sandro Wallenwein would like to prove the competition ability of the Subaru Impreza powered with LPG on his favorite special stages.

A few weeks ago he showed with top times within the the Rallye Sulinger Land what is possible with this alternative fuel. With a stage rank before the eyes the quick driver out of Stuttgart retired shortly before finishing the rally with a gearbox damage. With improved material the forwarding agent would like to provide the one or other surprise on the fluently special stages in wonderful Thuringian forest:

„This year the competition is strong as never before. The participants arrive from whole Europe to this event. I know these stages from driving this rally in a world rally car before. At that time I was able to fight with Matthias Kahle for the victory on this competition. Of course this might be not possible this year. But we do not want to hide and show on this very challenging stages what we are able to do with this rallycar. Probably the weather will be for help. Due to the weather forecast we have to expect changing conditions, which will cause slippery stages – which can be for our benefit. Our aim is to be within top 15. Our highest priority is to finish the rally. But as the saying means: Everybody knows that all good things are 3. And this is the third start with this car.” says Sandro, which can’t wait to start at this rally.

130 kilometres on minimum time have to be completed on 5 different special stages. As in the past years one of the highlights will be the visitors roundtrack within the city of Pößneck. Close to the servicepark this 1st stage get started on Friday evening at 22.oo hrs. Further 8 special stages are on the program on Saturday from 08.oo hrs on. Finish of the first car is forseen for 18.15 hrs in the evening. As a tradition on Thursday evening the host has organized a shakedown between 19.oo  and 22.oo hrs. Here the competitors are able to make last checks on their vehicles and the spectators have possibility to meet the drivers and get autographs. The same is possible on Saturday on the service area which will be in Pößneck’s “Lutschgenpark”.

The Tyczka Totalgaz Rallye Team and Wallenwein Rallye Sport will be happy to welcome a lot of visitors in the service area and hopes that a lot of our fans will cross their fingers for us.

You can find more informations about the Tyczka Totalgaz Rallye Team on:
Informations about the 48. DMV ThĂĽringen Rallye