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Stuttgart, 01.11.2009

uk   TOP-10 result at seasons final   uk

With the excellent ninth overall rank, from 113 starters, the Tyczka Totalgaz rally team celebrated a gratifying seasonal end. Annually the best pilots of the national rally scene meet at the rally ADAC Frankish Switzerland in Hollfeld to choose on selective special stages in a wonderful landscape the quickest pilot. Sandro Wallenwein took the chance to take his only 16-year-old sister Eve for the first time as co-pilot in the rally-car.

With big input the german vice-champion maneuvered the yellow Subaru Impreza. On the first stage he made a really rare driving mistake and lost many seconds to the competitors. From now on the forwarding agent from Stuttgart crowed with consistently quick times and improved his position from rank 42 up to the 9th overall rank after special stage 5. Together with his sister Eve on her rally baptism they won the class of alternative fuel in superior style: “We really had a lot of fun! There is no doubt that this event is one of the best rally 200. A good mood took place on the winners ceremony in the townhall of Hollfeld. It’s good example for organizers of other rally’s. Eve found pretty quick her place as co-pilot and did a great job. Directly after we passed finish of the last special stage she told that this would not be her last rally. I guess the rally virus infected the next Wallenwein …”, Sandro sayd with a smile after the finished the rally.

“Within the next weeks we like to start the plannings for the next years season. It’s our wish to bring a new rally-car powered with LPG to the start. We can well imagine to start with this car within the Germany Rally Championship, but for the moment there is no authorisation to make points for vehicles powered by alternative fuels. It makes no sense to start in the german championship generally when there is no incentive on the mastership. In times of shrinking starter fields the DMSB should  immediately deal with these problems. I’m sure that when it’s possible to reduce the applicationcosts on fuel, several teams will think about a change or a entry in the series. We stand behind this project and we like to continue on it.” Says Thomas Wallenwein, long time rallyedriver and teamboss of Wallenwein Rallye Sport.

eve _sandro_wallenwein_01