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Stuttgart, 16.06.2009

Within Top 10 – Yes, We Can!   uk

On last weekend the 48. DMV Rallye Thüringen advanced to the Mecca of rally sport.Beside the run to the Deutsche Rallye Serie (DRS – german rally series) the predicate of the Euro Rally Challenge (ERC) brought an international starter field with spectacular looking rallycars. In the middle of it Sandro Wallenwein in the LPG powered Subaru Impreza.

The beautiful city of Pößneck was traditionally the centerpoint of this event. Within the heart of the Thuringian forest 9 fast special stages on asphalt stood on the programme. A spectacular circuit formed on Friday evening the prelude through the middle of the city centre. Before an overpowering scenery of several thousand spectators the pilots let the earth shake in their group-starts. Glowing brake-discs, long drifts, overtaking manoeuvres and a breathtaking sound kept the fans on the track till far after midnight.

After a short night at Saturday morning at 08.oo hrs was the start to further eight special stages in the closer area of Pößneck. At half time Sandro Wallenwein with his hereditary austrian copilote Pauli Zeitlhofer lay in the LPG-Subaru Impreza on the eighth rank. Without slightest problems the successful duet unwound like a clockwork in the afternoon the final kilometres and finished the rally on rank 10 in the overall ranking.

“I am glad to finished this rally. Our result is much better than we expected. With 6 WRC, 4 Porsche and numerous strong group A and N cars this rally was taken first-class. Our car is this year on its fourth season and it’s not on latest state of the art. Still we could keep up quite well. With a little slower special-stages and with some gravel parts on the stages I guess a better result might be possible. Concerning the cost for fuel we are absolutly in front.” says the acting german vicemaster says with a smile. “It would be desireable when alternative fuels get also permitted in the German Rally Championship (Deutsche Rallye Meisterschaft – DRM). With a look on the dramatically sinking starter fields, a reduction of the fuel costs of more than 50 percent could contribute absolutly to a stimulation. We believe, in any case, firmly in it and will further speed up this project” team boss Thomas Wallenwein looks into the future.

Already in just 2 weeks (26th/27th of June) the next DRS rally, AVD Rallye Baden-Württemberg, stands on the programme. Also here Sandro Wallenwein will roll in the yellow Subaru to the start. “The rally in the “Ländle“ is our home match, and there we want to deliver of course an especially good show“, his fight announcement is.

1.Wevers, Erik / van Weeren, Jalmar                             Ford Focus WRC 06                 1:02:58,3
2.Hesse, Marcus / Kunze, Uwe                                    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo                 + 3:16,6
3.Stölzel, Maik / Windisch, Thomas                              Porsche 911 GT 3                       + 3:47,2
4. Turmbull, David / Grooten, Geert                                Subaru WRC S11                       + 4:08,8
5. Kuipers, Dennis / Hagman, Kees                               Subaru Impreza WRC                 + 4:11,0
6. Moufang, Norbert / Rezac, Anke                                Opel Kadett C Coupe                 + 4:19,5
7. Pedersen, Michael / Petersen, Mie                            Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9               + 4:46,4
8. Knudsen, Martin / Kjaer, Soren                                  Honda Civic R3               + 4:55,8
9. Michel, Bernd / Hartbauer, Bernd                               Opel Astra                                  + 5:07,0

10. Wallenwein, Sandro / Zeitlhofer, Pauli                Subaru Impreza Autogas          + 5:08,2

11. Pritzl, Robert / Kohl, Christina                                  Subaru Impreza WRX                  + 5:22,2
12. Depping, Janina / Beier, Sabrina                              Mitsubishi Lancer Evo                 + 5:22,6
13. Karlsson, Eric / Schmidt, Ekkehard                          Audi TT                                      + 6:16,4
14. Schewe, Heinz-Walter / Blondeel, Frank                   Porsche 911 GT 3                       + 6:21,4
15.Schilt, Edwin / Verschuur, Pieter                              Subaru Impreza N 14                   + 6:28,0

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